Showing Love to Someone Who is In Treatment

Support During Treatment


Hi everyone,

Happy Valentine’s Day! For this month’s blog post, I asked for help from the residents who live at Paragon about how they feel loved by people in their lives. I also talked to staff about what they recall past residents really appreciating while they’ve been here. Here’s a list of ways that kids have talked about feeling really loved and supported by their family members and friends, even while they’ve lived away from them for treatment.

I hope that this helps you as you think about how to get or give care to someone you love who is in treatment. Special thanks to the Paragon residents and staff of winter 2019 for help with this blog post.

Dr. B

  • Send us care packages with fidgets, coloring books, and choose your own adventure books.
  • When you visit us, bring snacks. Hot Cheetos, Takis, and candy are our favorites. ☺
  • Call us. It means so much to hear from you.
  • Send letters! We’ll write back, just be sure that we have your address too (this is especially true for friends!)
  • If you can visit, please do visit. We miss you!
  • Maybe some Magic the Gathering cards?
  • Tell us that we’re doing a good job, even when we feel like we aren’t.
  • Parents, it means a lot to us when you’re willing to get your own therapy too. We’re working so hard, and we see when you work hard too.
  • Friends, let us decide when we want to tell people at school or whatever where we are and what’s happening.
  • Talk to me about things besides treatment. The weather, current events, whatever, it doesn’t really matter. I’m just in treatment all of the time, and so having some normal life means a lot.
  • Keep on giving us your support in treatment. It sometimes feels like this is never going to end, so you just validating us and reminding us that we are making progress, makes a difference.