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Showing Love to Someone Who is In Treatment


Hi everyone,

Happy Valentine’s Day! For this month’s blog post, I asked for help from the residents who live at Paragon about how they feel loved by people in their lives. I also talked to staff about what they recall past residents really appreciating while they’ve been here. Here’s a list of ways that kids have talked about feeling really loved and supported by their family members and friends, even while they’ve lived away from them for treatment.

Parenting in the Gray

You walk into a room and something is missing. You can’t quite put a finger on what. But you know, whatever it is, it’s gone.

Ambiguous loss is a little bit like that. You are living your ordinary life, and something silent and extraordinary happens that leads to loss. Sometimes it is something that happens quickly and suddenly like a runaway son. Sometimes it’s something that slips away more quietly and insidiously, like a daughter disappearing into depression. In both cases, the loss is difficult.

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